Monday, 30 April 2012

MechanEx 2012

Hi everyone,

BG Products are going to be at the Mechanex Show this May ARE YOU?????
Here are the details;

Event City
M41 7TB

WHEN: 22nd and 23rd May 2012
10:00am - 16:00pm
For more info:

I Look forward to seeing you there.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

BG 109 Compression Restorer

Today I want to bring to your attention the ability of BG 109 Compression Restorer.

The Problem 
High operating temperatures, reduced engine cooling and prolonged oil change intervals take their toll on today's automotive engine oils. Under heat and pressure in the engine oil oxidises and breaks down which causes thickening, heat retention and deposit formation. These heavy deposits can impede normal piston ring function thus reducing fuel economy, lowering power output and increasing harmful exhaust emissions and oil consumption.

The Solution   
BG109 thoroughly cleans piston rings, is tough on carbon and easy on engines. Cylinder compression is increased in as little as 10 minutes, hard carbon is removed and rings are free to move again. The overall engine balance is restored.
BG109 is harmless to seals and other engine components.
BG 109 removes carbon deposits, restores compression, lowers exhaust emissions, reduces oil consumption by restoring ring function, improves overall power and efficiency, is harmless to oil   pumps, seals and gaskets.

BG109 is poured into the crankcase before an oil change and is circulated within the crankcase for 20 minutes before the oil is drained.

Test Results
Vehicle: Seat Ibiza 3 cylinder.
Compression before                                      175psi                  175psi                  175psi
Compression after BG 109                             210psi                  210psi                  210psi

Impressive results don't you agree? 

When you next have an oil change why don't you insist on BG109 for a cleaner engine, improved compression, lower emissions, reduced oil consumption and the overall improvement of your vehicles power and MPG.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

BG Diesel Air Induction Service

Is your car or van experiencing carbon build up problems. ( Poor MPG, Loss of Power to EGR valve or Particulate filter problems etc.)?
Would you like to have your vehicle performing as it did when you bought it?
Then here is an introduction to BG's Air Induction System. This system really does work.
We had an awesome result from a Lexus 2201
Power returned, MPG improvement, Response time,
Best of all huge savings over dealer quote.
Check out the photos (before on the left, after on the right)
This really is the way to go.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Safely Remove Hard Baked Carbon From The Combustion Chamber

With diesel vehicles, in particular those that are driven short distances, are becoming clogged up with carbon deposits. This results in a host of problems like loss of performance, poor MPG to
expensive repairs when EGR Valves fail and Particulate Filters become blocked. 

BG Products can "Safely Remove Hard Baked Carbon From The Combustion Chamber".  
If you wish to restore your vehicles performance to the level it was when you bought it THEN you need a BG Diesel Air / Fuel Induction System service.
This will mean that we have cleaned the  EGR Valve, Inlet Manifold and Exhaust Valves, Injectors, Fuel Line, Piston Rings, Combustion Chamber, Catalytic Converter and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) where fitted. The vehicles oil filter and oil will have been changed as well.

For the name of our nearest dealer please contact me. 

Welcome to my blog

Hi all my name is Keith Brown and this is my blog.
I am responsible for BG Products in Cheshire and South West Lancashire. 

Established in 1971 in the USA BG Products are an innovate company offering solutions for Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Agricultural applications. 
BG Products are designed to restore your vehicles performance, improve MPG, reduce emissions and therefore reduce maintenance.    

With the ever increasing costs of running a vehicle BG Products can save you money not only on your fuel bill but in maintenance costs as well.

I will be sharing with you various tests, results, pictures and other relevant info over the coming weeks, months and years.